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Say goodbye to post production! It's almost like cheating!

How to use Brivvio

1. Create Video
Capture your message. Be authentic, have fun.
Creating is easy with Brivvio. Record new videos using the Brivvio camera, or import videos from your photo gallery, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive or any other cloud drive connected to your phone. Brivvio handles vertical and landscape videos natively.
2. Add Branding
Stand out. Be the one they remember.
With Brivvio, your video branding is applied instantly. No more waiting! Easily and intuitively customise your video intro title, lower third banner, call to action, watermark, text, logo and colours. Brivvio remembers your preset, so you only need to set it up once.
3. Generate captions
Reach 5x more people. Fast and accurate.
80% of online videos are watched with the sound off. If your videos don't have captions, most viewers just flick past. With Brivvio, adding captions is easy. Brivvio gives you the fastest and most accurate automatic captions available. And you can easily and intuitively fine tune them if needed.
4. Publish

Share your video.

Now there is no limit.
Your branded and captioned video is ready to share in seconds. Save your video to your photo gallery, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or any connected cloud drive. Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, or any social media platform, and enjoy the engagement.
It really doesn't get any easier. The app is so intuitive to use. We love it!”
James Michael
Recruiter & entrepeneur
With Brivvio I reduced post production time down by 90%. I highly recommend Brivvio!
Michele Gennoe
On Purpose Transformation
“This is the future of video blogging. Getting my hands on this as soon as I can!”
Awais Bhatttee
Vlogger, digital marketeer & entrepreneur

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